Service before and after the sale is what separates Mohler Material Handling from our competitors. Our goal is to partner with our customers to provide on-time; on-budget solutions that help you meet your business objectives. This working partnership combined with our full range of services is what makes us unique and gives our customers the confidence that their problems will be solved in the timeliest and most cost efficient manner. Our philosophy of partnering with our customers and putting their goals first has resulted in long-term business relationships un-matched within our industry.

Planning and Consultation:

For any project, big or small, proper planning and consultation with our experienced staff will help ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently from day one. By asking the right questions, we can tap into our years of experience to provide you with the most viable solutions. We will come visit your workplace so we can discuss your project face-to-face, gather the required information on your products and your project goals, and see your available space firsthand. These on-site visits help us to fully understand your current system and offer the best suggestions on how to make it run more smoothly, saving you both time and money.

Product Distribution:

With literally thousands of products at our disposal, we can offer informed recommendations to our customers in any industry. Our staff is personally familiar with this vast range of products and their proper applications. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, just ask! We make it our goal to introduce you to innovative solutions and we’ll help you select the right products to make your operations run more smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

AutoCAD/Drafting Services:

For system projects and design-build specials, drawings are required to help you understand exactly what we are proposing, and to ensure your new system will meet your needs. Our draftsman play a crucial role in developing your system, and continuous training keeps them to up-to-date with advancing software technology. With careful planning and due diligence in field dimension verification, our draftsman ensure that your new system will fit perfectly in your available space.

Mechanical /Electrical Engineering:

Having the best equipment alone does not guarantee the most efficient system. At Mohler Material Handling we bridge the gap between the equipment and performance by providing in-depth mechanical and electrical engineering services. Although a system may be comprised of standard, pre-engineered equipment, our engineers will review and specify these components to ensure that all the equipment fits properly once installed. For optimum efficiency, a controls solution is central to any major system. Our controls engineer will work with you to develop your solution and any unique attributes required such as data collection, robotics, bar coding, RFID, or vision.

Custom Fabrication/Design-Build: Integrated, standard equipment may not always work for your particular application due to the product specifications or special space requirements. Specials are one of the largest growing sectors of our business and our design engineers are ready to work with you every step of the way to develop, alter, or customize equipment to suit your individual needs.

Mechanical and Electrical Installation:

At Mohler Material Handling, we pride ourselves on being more than an “equipment-only dealer,” by offering full capability mechanical and electrical installation services along with our products. Whether you require Union or Non-Union labor, we stand ready to install your equipment per the manufacturer’s recommendations and we have the field experience required to complete the work within your schedule.

In-house Assembly, Integration & Testing: Unlike our competitors, we have the ability to set up many small to mid-size systems in our 10,000 sq. ft. facility so our customers can test run their solution prior to shipping. This service is especially popular for our Tier-One automotive suppliers and provides peace of mind that when the equipment gets to your location, testing and run-off has been completed and you are ready to start production. We also extend this service for individual conveyors, adding value for our many customers who don’t have the staff or time to test the equipment at their own facility.

Repair and Maintenance:

After we’ve installed your equipment, we’re here to help with ongoing preventative maintenance, and we can provide timely repair services in the event of a breakdown. Call us anytime and you’ll be able to speak to a real person. We have earned a national reputation for excellent service and for our thorough knowledge of the equipment we distribute. This experience earned us the opportunity to become the authorized Mid-West Service Center for Dorner Conveyor Company, an accomplishment in which we take great.