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Equipment Categories

  • Conveyors & Conveying Equipment – Accumulation, Ball Transfer, Belt/Slider Bed, Belt Curves, Bucket Elevators, Chain Driven Live Roller, Chain Transfer, Chutes, Continuous Vertical, Corrugated Side Wall, Drag Chain, Flexible Skatewheel, Gravity, Hinged Steel Belt, Incline, Line Shaft, Live Roller, ect, ect, ect …..
  • Ergonomic – Lifting & Positioning Equipment – Air/Electric Hoist, Balancers, Box Dumpers, Bridge Crane, Counterweight Stacker, Double Scissor Lift, etc.
  • Dock & General Warehouse Equipment
  • Drum Handling Equipment
  • Guarding & Facility Equipment
  • Integrated System Equipment
  • Containers, Totes and Hoppers
  • Storage Rack, Shelving & Work Stations

We carry thousands of products for uses in all industries and with virtually any type of product.  Please call us toll-free at (877) 231-4664 for product details, specifications and pricing.

Conveyor Solutions for Multiple Industries

At Mohler Material Handling, we offer a broad range of solutions, we help customers in diverse markets expedite their supply chain, integrate automation and drive greater productivity throughout their operations with custom solutions.


Distribution Centers

E-Commerce Warehousing

Retail Stores


Automotive and Tire Handling

Wine and Bottling

Automation is a key word in obtaining efficiency. The pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser PALOMAT automates the pallet handling, and the procedure of pallet stacking and destacking is made noticeably more efficient.

The pallet magazines/ pallet dispensers in the PALOMAT Stand Alone line is designed for companies, who have a need for handling empty pallets at floor level. The PALOMAT is an independent unit, which adds efficiency to your pallet handling and at the same time protects your employees from inappropriate manual heavy lifting.

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